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Upcoming Events

February 25th: Tech Together

Leadership Academy Pillar: PURPOSEFUL or PROFESSIONAL (member choice)


February 28th: Cultural Dynamics in Global Business 

Leadership Academy Pillar: INCLUSIVE


March 8th: Provost's Lecture with Robin Chase

Leadership Academy Pillar: PURPOSEFULPROFESSIONAL, or INCLUSIVE (member choice)


March 25th - April 1st: Alternative Spring Break Service Trips

Leadership Academy Pillar: ETHICAL


Spring Term (apply by week 2): Beaver Hangouts -Spring 2017

Leadership Academy Pillar: ETHICAL


April 12th: 5 Under 5

Leadership Academy Pillar: PROFESSIONAL and PURPOSEFUL


April 14th: Dinner for 12 Beavers

Leadership Academy Pillar: PURPOSEFUL or PROFESSIONAL (member choice)


April 18th: Provost's Lecture with Maya Lin: At the Intersection of Art & Architecture 

Leadership Academy Pillar: ETHICAL or INCLUSIVE (member choice)


April 19th: Portland Business Roundtable 

Leadership Academy Pillar: PROFESSIONAL


April 22nd: Earth Day

Leadership Academy Pillar: ETHICAL 


May 16th: Winning the First 100 Days

Featuring: Michael Hermens 

Leadership Academy Pillar: PURPOSEFUL


May 17th: Portland Business Roundtable 

Leadership Academy Pillar: PROFESSIONAL


May 17th: Start Smart

Leadership Academy Pillar: PURPOSEFUL or PROFESSIONAL (member choice)


May 20th: Day of Caring

Leadership Academy Pillar: ETHICAL


June 19th-23rd: Zero Week - Alternative Break Service Trip

Leadership Academy Pillar: ETHICAL