Summit 2016 Feature Story

2016 Leadership Academy Summit

Another successful Leadership Academy Summit!

Suit Camp 2017 Feature Story

2017 Suit Camp

A great opportunity for interview practice and networking!

Creating context for leadership development

The College of Engineering at Oregon State University implements new measures for graduating well-balanced leaders.

Portland Trip to Daimler & ESCO

Portland Trip to Daimler & ESCO

Members had the opportunity to enjoy behind the scenes tours of Daimler and ESCO facilities.

Learning about business models at the 2015 Summit

What industry needs: T-shaped graduates

Join the Leadership Academy to develop yourself as a T-shaped professional!

Welcome to the Leadership Academy 

The Academy is an innovative new program developed and delivered with the involvement and support of key industry partners. The Academy accelerates engineering students' development as EP2IC leaders; increasing graduates' competitiveness for employment and success as early career professionals.

Engineering students in good academic standing are eligible to apply.

Leadership Academy Calendar


Cultural Dynamics in Global Business

Leadership Academy Pillar: INCLUSIVE

The world is increasing interconnected and business is global.  So what does a global economy and complex market ecosystems mean for engineering?  How can


Provost’s Lecture with Robin Chase

Leadership Academy Pillar: PURPOSEFULPROFESSIONAL, or INCLUSIVE (member choice)

An Evening with Robin Chase, Founder and Former CEO, Zipcar, Buzzcar and GoLoco; Executive Chairman, Veniam Works and Author

Robin Chase

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Advisory Partners

Advisory Partners